Patient Infomation

After Hours Arrangements

We offer to our patients after hours care via a written agreement with a high quality care and accredited medical Deputizing service to provide care outside consulting hours.

National Home Doctor Service. 13SICK / 137425 or Phone : 03 9429 5677

Practice Billing Policies

Standard consultations for Medicare card holders are bulk billed.

Patients who do not have a Medicare card are required to pay a standard consultation fee.

For treatment room procedures, work cover claims (without claim number) and Medical private fees are applicable. Patients are advised to check with reception staff before making appointment.


Extra Costs: Fee will apply where a service is not directly bulk billed to the patient. These include:

  • Non Medicare card holder
  • Transfer of medical record to another clinic
  • WorkCover w/o a claim number
  • Dr John Keith Abraham’ skin screening
  • If you are referred to a specialist, most specialist DO NOT bulk bill so ensure you have asked for the cost of consultation before appointments.
  • Please ask reception regarding any of the above.


Patients must attend the clinic for all prescriptions.

Home Visits

In cases of genuine need, a home visit can be arranged. However, if the patient is able to attend the Clinic we are more than happy to arrange for them to be seen promptly on arrival. Otherwise, Call 13 74 25 for the Home Doctor Service

Patient Telephone Contact

During opening hours of the clinic, receptionist staff will receive the call and book appointments. We may advise you to call 000 or come to surgery in case of accidents and emergencies depending on the nature of the situation.

Doctors can take calls from the patients but if the doctor is in consultation at the time of the call, receptionist staff will take your message and will pass it to Doctor if it is no-urgent matter.

However, for urgent matters, Doctor will attend to them immediately.

Electronic Communication

As a general rule this practice does not engage in patient contact via email.

However, if the need arises only general non urgent matters will be communicated with the patients consent.

If a patient voluntarily sends information by email, the Doctor will transfer the details into the patient’s medical record.

Access to your Health Information

Under the Health Records Act you have the right to access the information collected about you except in circumstances where access might legitimately be withheld.

Management of Patient Health Records

We are committed to provide confidentiality of patient’s health records. Only authorized staff members are provided with access to patients’ health records as per our clinic’s policy.

Please be aware of how this practice uses the information collected from your Personal Health Summary and Record:

  • To communicate relevant information with other treating doctors, specialists or allied health professionals.
  • To follow up reminder/recall notices.
  • For accounting, Medicare and health insurance procedures.
  • For Quality Assurance activities, e.g. Accreditation.
  • To notify any Infectious Disease.
  • To comply with Court of Law Request, e.g. subpoena.
  • To aid in Research Purposes (patient identity undisclosed)

At all times the strictest possible care is taken to ensure patient confidentiality. This includes not revealing results of investigations to anyone except the patient concerned, and the screening of all clinical records.

All medical information is stored securely within separate computer based or paper based files for each patient. Any patient record/information being disposed of is shredded.

If you have any concerns or wish to restrict access to your personal health information, please discuss this with the Doctor.

Reminder System

This Surgery has a reminder system available. Patients are advised by mail or telephone of their ‘Recall Reminder’. Should you wish to be included, please advise the Doctor or reception staff.


  1. Be actively involved in your own health care.
  2. Speak up if you have any questions or concerns.
  3. Learn more about your condition or treatments.
  4. Keep a list of all the medicines you are taking.
  5. Make sure you understand the medication you are taking.
  6. Get the results of any test or procedures.
  7. Talk about your options if you need to go in to hospital.
  8. Make sure you understand what will happen if you need surgery or a procedure.
  9. Make sure you, your Doctor, and your surgeon all agree on exactly what will be done.
  10. Before leaving hospital, ask your health care professional to explain the treatment plan you will use at home.

Interpreter Assistance

Upon request an Interpreter Service can be arranged for on-site or telephone assistance.

Hearing & Speech Assistance

If required, the assistance of the National Relay Service for our Hearing and Speech Impaired patients can be arranged.

Presence of a Third Party

If you do not wish to be accompanied during your consultations by a third party e.g. relative or friend, please inform the Doctor of our reception staffs.


Most aspects of General Practice are covered including Immunisation, Pre-employment and Insurance Medicals and minor procedures.

Any forms requiring the doctor to complete, without the need of a consultation, may be left at reception.

Please be aware that a delay of 3-4 days is required.


It is preferred that appointments are made in order to ensure the sessions run smoothly and patients obtain the best attention.

However, in general, patients without an appointment may be fitted in unless other constraints apply.

Urgent Consultations will be dealt with immediately.

Long Consultations are available on request.

Short Consultations for scripts, certificates, referrals etc. are available on request.

Walk in: Patients who walk in without an appointment will be seen between appointments as long as they are willing to wait.

Telephone Consultations

It will usually not be possible to speak to the Doctor unless it is between consultations.

Please be assured that all calls will be returned at the end of the session.

Telephone consultations are generally fraught with danger. Patients are encouraged to attend the Clinic- unless the matter is simple or urgent.

All Urgent enquiries will be dealt with as Doctor deems appropriate.

Surgical Instruments

The Clinic only uses Disposable Instruments and wherever possible unidose vials.

Hygiene Matters

This Clinic has a Strict NO Smoking Policy.

Medical Certificates & Referrals

Owing to medical and legal constraints a patient must attend the clinic for a consultation in order for the Doctor to issue a Medical Certificate. Patients must also attend the clinic for any referrals.

Insurance – Examinations & Medicals

Examinations and Medicals can be arranged by appointment. Please advise receptionist in advance.

Follow up of Results

Patients are required to make a return appointment with the doctor to follow up for their results of all investigations and follow-ups. Due to privacy and confidentiality the clinic will NOT provide any information over the telephone.

Suggestions, Feedback and Complaints

As part of our commitment to continue providing quality care, a ‘Suggestion box’ has been placed in the waiting room. Your suggestions or comments will be welcomed.

Our practice uses staff meetings to discuss patient feedback and comments to identify opportunities for improvement.

Despite the best intentions complaints may and do arise. The Doctor is more than happy to listen to complaints, either directly or through staff. If the matter cannot be resolved after a reasoned discussion, further action may be taken by contacting either of the following:

Health Complaints Commissioner

570 Bourke St, Melbourne, 3000
Ph: 1300 582 113

Medical Registration Board, AMA

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